Meet Our Team

Thomas J. Archer
Thomas J. Archer Chief Executive Officer
Charles Archer
Charles Archer Executive Vice President - Austin
Lisa Ehlert
Lisa Ehlert Executive Vice President - Houston
Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson Controller
Beymar Rozo
Beymar Rozo Chief Technology Officer
Paula Aguilera
Paula Aguilera Chief Operating Officer
Elizabeth Kusmider
Elizabeth Kusmider Sales Director - Life, Strategic Life Marketing
Carol Clover
Carol Clover Assistant Vice President, Sales Director - Life
Deven Hennessey
Deven Hennessey Sales Director - Life, Premium Finance, Settlements
Shara Sutton
Shara Sutton Sales Director - Life
Clayton Lund
Clayton Lund Insurance Planning Specialist, Institutional Markets
Donnie Clossman
Donnie Clossman Sales Director - Annuities
Brandon Herndon
Brandon Herndon Sales Director - Medicare and Individual Health
Bryan Kelting
Bryan Kelting Sales Director - Group Benefits
Andrea Ames
Andrea Ames Sales Director - Life
Roger Stacy
Roger Stacy Sales Consultant - Manager Disability Sales
Gail Yantis
Gail Yantis Sales Consultant
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Sales Consultant
Michelle Gotham
Michelle Gotham Sales Consultant
Carrie Westfall
Carrie Westfall Broker-Dealer OM, Marketing Support
Hilda Gomez
Hilda Gomez New Business Case Coordinator
Victoria Soto
Victoria Soto New Business Case Coordinator
Kristin Meyer
Kristin Meyer New Business Case Coordinator
Virginia Curl
Virginia Curl New Business Case Coordinator - Individual Health
Christina Jones
Christina Jones Contracting & Licensing Coordinator, PHS
Audrey Peoples
Audrey Peoples Contract & Licensing Manager
Denise Hall
Denise Hall Marketing Support, Policy Holder Service
Kristy Fulton
Kristy Fulton Case Design Manager
Sarah Schenfeld
Sarah Schenfeld Internal Group Marketing and Operations Coordinator
Lauren Kimberly
Lauren Kimberly Marketing and Sales Administrative Assistant
Amelia Corbett
Amelia Corbett Internal Annuity Sales & Case Management