Life insurance is the most cost-effective option to guard against the repercussions of an unexpected death.

In the event of the loss of a loved one or business partner, the financial implication can be profound and long-lasting. This financial impact could take effect immediately with the loss of income, home, or business and impact the lives of the survivors.

To ensure protection in the event of these unimaginable possibilities, life insurance is the solution to create financial security for the future.

Life Insurance


Disability Insurance provides income in the event of the inability to work due to injury or, more commonly, illness for short or long-term time frames.

Catastrophe can strike from many angles, including an unexpected disability that keeps an individual from working. Most Americans live a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, while some maintain six months of living expenses in savings. But what happens if that paycheck stops due to the inability to work longer than six months and the savings run dry?

Having a properly designed disability plan creates peace of mind, but also provides financial stability and security. Disability insurance is paycheck protection that can prevent debt and provide an income buffer to maintain essential living expenses.


Long-Term Care Insurance provides income for healthcare expenses in the event of the need for care for extended periods or permanent care.

The cost of care can be detrimental to a family’s finances, and the cost of care with increased demand rises annually. Often one spouse is left with significantly fewer assets to live off of when the other spouse drained the retirement accounts as they needed care prior to their spouse needing care.

Long-term care insurance provides an optimal stream of tax-free income, financial security for families, and peace of mind that they can provide the best care with less regard for the cost of long-term care.


A group insurance policy is a plan offered by a company for employees to provide various types of coverage and includes Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance.

Not offering affordable health plans to employees through a business forces them to seek coverage on the open market or risk self-insuring. Excessive out-of-pocket costs may force employees to seek employment with a group offering more benefits. Creating a plan to provide coverage through a business will bring a great resource to employees who opt into a group plan. The benefit of Group insurance will make a company a more competitive employer and retain talent longer.

These plans allow full-time employees and owners to sign up for group policies. Group insurance typically offers a wider variety of plan options with fewer underwriting requirements than individual plans. Learn more about the group insurance products that EMG offers below:

Group Insurance


Health insurance is insurance that covers various levels of medical costs for a policy owner.

Health care costs can be profound – both the cost of insurance and the financial risk of not being insured in a medical emergency. Finding the right coverage within an appropriate budget to protect from these situations can be overwhelming and challenging.

Working with an expert in health insurance provides insight into the health insurance market. A health insurance expert will help discover appropriate coverage at a manageable price point.

Next to retirement plans, health insurance is considered one of the most important employee benefits. Effectively, businesses should provide quality health insurance coverage to compete in today’s market. Learn more about the health insurance products that EMG offers below:

Health Insurance



Ancillary Insurance is for coverage that is not traditionally part of other insurance plans or employer benefits.

Many insurance plans leave gaps in coverage that can have significant financial impacts. Health insurance without dental coverage or critical illness benefits can be extremely costly.

Reviewing coverage and creating a dynamic plan through a variety of vital insurances can be a life-changing decision for a family.

Options may include: