Deven Hennessey

Position: Sales Director - Life, Premium Finance, Settlements

Since 2000, Deven has worked in the insurance industry, helping individuals navigate the maze of financial options. Seeing them realize the end result brings Deven tremendous satisfaction. He is focused on education, consultation, and implementation of protection and income planning. This process is a long-term relationship that spans years and, often, generations, as he works through your business or personal financial needs. Deven has had extensive collaboration with regional and national banks. He is experienced with buy/sell, executive bonus, key-person, deferred compensation plans, Section 79, captives, and premium finance. 

Deven joined EMG Insurance Brokerage in 2016 as the  Director of Life Insurance, Premium Finance, and Settlements.  He is focused on recruitment, consultation, and point of sale assistance for agents and advisors in the life insurance, annuity, disability income, and retirement fields. He works with financial advisors, CPAs, estate attorneys, and high net worth individuals, such as; physicians, dentists, lawyers, pro athletes, business owners, and executives. 

Deven has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Vermont. 

Deven appreciates his opportunities to travel the world and sample amazing food. He loves adventures in the mountains and forests for hiking, biking, fishing, and exploring. He also enjoys sports car racing, golf, and tennis. His favorite activity may be snoozing in a hammock with his girls.