EMG Insurance Brokerage offers valuable resources for pre-application underwriting to help pinpoint carriers and products in order to offer your clients the best possible life insurance solution. Utilizing our expertise, EMG Insurance Brokerage will match your client with the insurance carrier most likely to provide a competitive underwriting class for their particular situation. Use the tools below or contact us in advance of completing an application so we can provide solutions resulting in a more successful outcome for you and your clients.

Field Underwriting Guide

Click here for our field underwriting guide to access questionnaires for common medical impairments. In addition, this guide contains sample cover letters, financial underwriting guides, and other useful tools.

Underwriting Search Engine

In our eComplete portal you can find our Field underwriting search engine to access company specific underwriting information. This tool includes underwriting guidelines, carrier specific build charts as well as detailed information on exam/medical requirements.

Pre-Qualifying Underwriting Questionnaires

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