About EMG Insurance Brokerage

About Elite Marketing Group

Our Mission:

To provide insurance and financial professionals with competitive industry solutions for their clients.

Who We Are

EMG Insurance Brokerage is a leading independent insurance wholesale marketing organization that provides access to a full spectrum of life insurance and financial products. Through trusted partnerships with advisors, EMG’s knowledgeable and experienced team navigates our extensive list of carrier options. We are committed to providing custom solutions to help financial professionals achieve their business objectives by making optimal coverage possible for their clients.

Working With Us

Working With Us

Working with EMG Insurance Brokerage means working with a partner. Our model revolves around mutually beneficial and successful partnerships between ourselves, advisors, and our clients. When you work with EMG Insurance Brokerage, you pull from the expertise and resources from over 140 years of combined insurance and financial services experience. Whether you need a solution for short-term disability income insurance, or medical supplement coverage, or a multi-million dollar estate plan, our team of Partners and Directors will be able to walk your through the process from start to finish.

Let’s Connect Today

Call us at 713-507-1000 today to speak with a sales director about how EMG Insurance Brokerage can help you elevate your career and support all of your efforts, whatever your current or desired market is.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact us using the form below. We’re happy to answer your questions.