Why offer dental benefits to clients? 

It is no secret that better benefits can help attract talent and increase loyalty in the workplace. Organizations that show genuine interest in their employee’s well-being by offering a comprehensive benefits package set themselves apart from others in their industry. Employee benefits are an integral part of a company’s success, as an organization is only as good as its team. Dental is among the top 4 most sought-after benefits, and here’s why. 

Oral health is associated with overall health and wellness. According to WebMD, a leading source for trustworthy health and medical news, oral health may be an early indicator of more serious underlying problems. Oral issues have shown links between heart disease, diabetes, eating disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, certain cancers, immune system disorders, and other illnesses. With COVID-19 and the variety of added stress on the American population, dentists are seeing more dental issues. Additionally, they see more cracked and chipped teeth, cavities, and crowns because of poorer overall health during the pandemic.  

Not surprisingly, dental insurance has become a popular option for companies offering group health benefits. An impressive two-thirds of the 164.2 million Americans have dental coverage. According to the National Association of Dental Plans, roughly 90% of dental coverage is offered through an employer or other group programs. Additionally, results from a recent Blue Cross Blue Shield study show that the integration of group dental and group medical allowed dental-engaged members a 24% reduction in medical costs. In other words, annual medical costs were an average of $3,245 lower for members receiving dental care.  

The benefits of proper oral care are hard to argue, yet dental insurance is one of the most overlooked insurance plans by advisors. For those reasons, you should ensure dental insurance is offered to all the client groups. They are meeting with the agent, a trusted advisor, and requesting help for their overall group benefit needs. Dental is a big part of that picture. Without dental insurance, employees may not be prepared to cover important visits, procedures, and other costs. By connecting clients with affordable dental benefits, you protect them from this risk.  

Ask the questions! Do you currently offer dental insurance? Would you like for me to include group dental quotes? Easy, right? The worst they can say is no. Your clients need advice, and incorporating the dental inquiry into the process is as simple as that. You are losing more by not asking. Ask questions early when doing intake with a new client. By incorporating this step into your routine, you will be one step ahead of other advisors. Your groups need dental coverage and depend on you to connect them with the best options. Luckily, EMG is ready and waiting to assist you with those connections. Call us today!

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