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Is Long-Term Care Insurance Tax Deductible?

The short answer is that it depends. Technically, yes, premiums paid into a qualified traditional stand-alone long-term care insurance policy are deemed tax-deductible. However, that can depend on several factors. The premium payments for Long-Term Care Insurance are tax-deductible to the extent that they, along with any other unreimbursed medical expenses, exceed a certain percentage of the […]

What are Life Insurance Underwriters Looking for?

Life insurance underwriters at carriers look at a long list of factors. Those factors include personal health history, family health history, driving record, prescription, medical records, and MIB (Medical Information Bureau). MIB tracks application history at other carriers. Making healthy lifestyle changes produces a significant difference in an individual’s policy rate classification for life insurance. […]

What is a Brokerage General Agency (BGA)?

Brokerage General Agencies are wholesalers of insurance products, this can be in the Property and Casualty or Life and Health business. They work in a space between dozens of carriers and in this example, they offer products for life, disability, long-term care, annuities, and health insurance products. Brokerage General Agencies work with financial advisors, who then communicate […]

Designing Disability Insurance Plans for Individuals

Insurance products are everywhere. Drive through any city or small town and you will pass a local agency. These brick-and-mortar retail agencies are generally offering personal, business, and property-casualty insurance products. In many cases, this coverage is required by a lending institution or by law.  However, there are other insurance policies available that are just […]

Why is offering Dental Insurance a Good Idea?

Offering dental insurance

Oral health is associated with your overall health and wellness. According to WebMD, a leading source for trustworthy health and medical news, your oral health may be an early indicator of more serious underlying problems. Oral issues have shown links between heart disease, diabetes, eating disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, certain cancers, immune system disorders, and other […]