Do Your Clients Need a Prescription for Market Volatility?

The capital markets have had an extraordinary run over the last decade. Now that volatility has returned in force, use those market gains to inject some certainty into client portfolios.

Guaranteed and Fixed Indexed Annuities

3 simple solutions using Annuities to create stability in a client’s portfolio:


ASSET ACCUMULATION: Save More, Save Smarter

Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity (MYGA)

Accumulated $8,834 More Interest than a CD over five years on $100,000

  • $100,000k deposit, 2.85% avg MYGA rate, (top 3), 1.22% avg CD rate (top 3 per
  • MYGA is tax-deferred, a benefit in non-qualified contracts
Fixed Index Annuities (FIA)

$6,600 Interest Gained in Last 12 months vs. Bond Funds (iShares AGG)

  • Over last 12 months ended 1/21/21AGG: the iShares Core U.S.
    • Aggregate Bond ETF lost 3% or $3,000 for every $100,000
    • A FIA with a 3.3% S&P cap issued 1/21 credited $3,300 in January 2022

FIA is a fixed-income alternative. Unlike bonds funds, they cannot lose money due to market forces or rising interest rates


ASSET DISTRIBUTION: Spend More, Spend Smarter

Fixed Index Annuity/Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal (FIA/GLWB)

Benefit for Future IRA RMDs: 7-10%+ cashflows at 72 if bought age 62-67,

  • Cashflow is measured a as percentage of initial purchase and covers two lives
    • If bought at 67, and deferred five years: 7% or higher cashflow
    • If bought at 62, up to 10% or higher cashflow is possible
  • RMDs at 72 are 3.65% of total prior year-end aggregate IRA values
  • High annuity cashflows may satisfy RMDs for other IRAs, leaving them to regrow if underwater


At EMG Insurance Brokerage, we offer the top annuity companies in the industry. In addition, we offer personal recommendations and case designs to enable you to best take care of your client’s unique needs. Our services offer a more personalized experience compared to larger companies. Our agents are happy to walk you through the process. Call EMG Today for solutions to inject more certainty into your clients’ financial futures!

Donnie Clossman
Sales Director - Annuities