Does Medicare Cover Vision Insurance?

Medicare covers certain preventive and diagnostic exams, treatments, and surgeries; however, your clients may not be aware of the components of vision care covered by Medicare.  Having complete information about Medicare benefits is essential for making decisions regarding vision. 

Does Medicare cover vision? 

No, Parts A & B do not cover vision.  Part C (Medicare Advantage) can cover vision depending on the carrier. This is considered a value-added service. The options are limited. It is usually better to find options outside of Medicare. If your client has current group coverage, those carriers are a great place to start. Continuing coverage with them can help you avoid waiting periods. If your client does not have current group coverage, it is best to obtain individual coverage quotes. 

Does Medicare cover eye exams?  

No, Parts A & B do not cover eye exams, but Part C (Medicare Advantage) can cover eye exams depending on the carrier.   

Does Medicare cover glasses?  

No, Parts A & B do not cover glasses, but depending on the carrier, Part C (Medicare Advantage) can cover glasses. 

Does Medicare cover contacts?  

No, Parts A & B do not cover contacts, but contacts can be covered depending on the carrier. 

Does Medicare cover cataracts? 

If the patient’s provider offers cataract surgery, then Parts A & B may cover a cataract procedure. 

It is to be noted that the current administration is pushing to add Vision coverage to Parts A & B. 

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