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Why Do Individuals Without Children Need Life Insurance?  

The need for life insurance can vary for personal reasons. Reasons may include higher prices with aging or future insurability for childless individuals. Below are the top eight reasons why an individual without children would obtain Life Insurance coverage.   Family and Family Through Friendship  The desire to leave a legacy to family is a pressing reason […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Fixed Annuities 

Fixed annuities have many benefits that allow clients to reach their long-term retirement goals. The number one fear of people now is outliving their money. They fear this more than death. Most people would rather be dead than broke. Annuities give people the ability to create a lifetime income.   Fixed annuities are uniquely positioned to include […]

Submitting a Clean Application

What is the best way to fill out a life insurance application?  Taking time to review and answer every question in full is the best way to ensure an application is completed correctly. Filling out a life insurance application can seem like a daunting process for agents and advisors. Ticket or full application? Paper or electronic […]

What are Risk Assessments? – Part 1

Today’s underwriting landscape is radically different from decades past. Once upon a time, an insured could receive substandard ratings for conditions now considered mild, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Thankfully, those days are well in the past, and these conditions are now faint blips on an underwriter’s radar. Medicine has made massive […]

How Can a Property and Casualty Agent Improve Client Retention and Increase Revenue?

Diversifying the product lines sold to current clients can generally be a faster and less expensive way to increase revenue than finding new clients. Policyholders already know you; they just do not know all that you offer. The added benefit of doing this deepens relationships with those customers already doing business with the agency.     Offering […]