EMG Insurance Brokerage works with a wide range of financial professionals to provide their clients with high-quality coverage.
Our partners include:

  • Financial Advisors
  • Independent Insurance Agents
  • Health Insurance Agents
  • Property & Casualty Agents
  • Affiliate Firms
  • Attorneys
  • Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)
  • Benefits Specialists

Get access to the insurance and financial solutions that your clients need.

Life insurance can be simple or complex. EMG understands that each client’s needs and preferences are unique, and finding the right life insurance policy takes knowledge, time, and effort. Our experts in universal life, term life, whole life, and group life, plus access to multiple top carriers, can give you the significant advantage to find the right fit for all your clients’ financial needs.

Group Life Insurance Term Life Insurance Universal Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance

Health insurance is vital to your clients to protect them financially in the case of injury or illness. Health insurance can keep you from incurring medical bills you can’t afford to pay out of pocket. It can also be complicated to navigate. Costs for health insurance can vary based on coverage, co-pays, deductibles, and the plan type. These reasons are why health insurance is considered one of the most important benefits of employment. EMG can help with Group Health plans, Critical Illness policies, Medicare Supplement plans and Travel Health Insurance policies.

Group Health Insurance Medicare Supplement Plans Critical Illness Insurance Travel Health Insurance Dental Insurance

Annuities are popular tax-deferred investment vehicles used to grow portfolio funds overtime for wealth accumulation generating lifetime income while saving for retirement. There are three basic types of annuities fixed, variable, and indexed. At EMG Insurance Brokerage, we offer personal recommendations and case designs for each individual circumstance.

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For employers, group insurance coverage can be an attractive benefit to offer prospective employees. Group insurance coverage for life, health, and dental is commonly offered as part of an employee benefit plan. EMG Insurance Brokerage can help employers find the best suitable group plans for their company. 

Group Life Insurance Group Health Insurance Group Dental Insurance

Having a plan long term is imperative. Many Americans over 65 are concerned with planning for both retirement and future medical needs. Long-term care insurance can be a great way to help current and potential clients mitigate the risk of chronic illnesses common in old age not covered by Medicare or standard health insurance policies. Your clients could be facing significant out-of-pocket costs if they are not prepared. EMG has experts to lead discussions about long-term care, health, family, and how your clients want to spend their final years.

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Disability coverage provides income protection if you were to become sick or incapacitated and could not work. If you have clients aged between 30 and 55, income protection is essential to their financial plan. The odds of a disability during your working years are as high as 1 in 4. To determine a solid income protection plan, contact the experts at EMG.

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Our Company

EMG Insurance Brokerage is a leading independent national brokerage general agency that provides access to a full spectrum of insurance and financial products. Our expert team partners with advisors to help them navigate the extensive carrier marketplace. We are committed to providing custom solutions to help financial professionals achieve their business objectives by making optimal coverage possible for their clients.

What is a Brokerage General Agency?

Brokerage General Agencies (BGAs) are wholesalers of insurance products. They work in a space between dozens of carriers, offering insurance agents direct access to a myriad of products. BGAs can provide top-level commissions, while still allowing for additional benefits without loss to the advisor. Everyone wins—first and foremost advisors and their clients.

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Why partner with EMg?

Dynamic Relationships

We can provide any level of support you need. Whether you want to be involved throughout the entire process or let us do the heavy lifting, rest easy knowing your business will grow while your clients receive a first class experience.

Agent Development

We want to share our expertise with financial professionals like you. Our industry is rapidly evolving. Stay current and informed with consistent webinars, online education, and one-on-one training.

On-demand Sales Essentials

Over the years, we’ve invested heavily in partner infrastructure. We provide a myriad of tools you can use to grow your business including SureLC™, Firelight®, Trusty.Care, WinFlex, iGo, and other relevant industry tools.

CLient-Tailored Case Design

We take your clients’ future planning seriously. Each case is unique and presents an opportunity to make a lasting positive impact. We make time for each client, focusing on a tailored approach that best achieves their goals no matter how complex.

Streamline Complex underwriting

We make the complex simple. We take on cases that most BGAs would not dare to touch and have the ability to efficiently navigate complicated cases.


We offer full service from submission to commission. Equipped with a comprehensive portfolio of top-tier products, strong industry relationships, and subject matter expertise, we get the job done quickly and effectively.

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